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IT outsourcing in Pakistan is not a new practice. Many companies have been using it for decades and they have been gaining major benefits from it. Businesses have been getting the work done at a low cost without compromising the quality of work. On the other hand, a large number of businesses are following the cultural concept of working and prefer working exclusively on face to face basis. Whether you talk about software development, web development, programming, or any other IT activity, Pakistan has got the solution. A lot of firms have achieved greater results after outsourcing their IT-related activities to Pakistan.

Pakistan is no short of IT companies, as a matter of fact, the country has over 2000 IT companies, and more new startups that are being established by the newcomers every year. Some companies have earned a lot in this situation and there are still working in the same pattern. There are many reasons to outsource IT services to Pakistan, so let’s discuss how can IT outsourcing in Pakistan make you win the game.

Fixed-term Outsourcing

There are many companies in Pakistan that offer fixed-term outsourcing. If you have got a project with fixed requirements and your needs are well defined then you can outsource your IT services on a fixed-term basis in Pakistan.  Businesses can jump in early in the market and complete their projects on time and earn more. The main advantage of fixed-term outsourcing is that the price and delivery time are estimated and the project is made by the IT specialist following the list of specifications provided by the clients.

Extended Team Outsourcing

Many businesses can’t afford a team to start a project. So extended team outsourcing is ongoing cooperation between your core team and the extended team which you can offshore in Pakistan. All the responsibilities are divided between the offshore team and the in-house team. There’s no one specific definition or rule in extended outsourcing. Different companies offer different outsourcing services. Some of them don’t have a house team and they only have an offshore extended team that completes their all projects.

So now that we have discussed the two most common outsourcing services, let’s discuss how IT outsourcing in Pakistan can benefit you.


Cost reduction

One of the main benefits of outsourcing in Pakistan is cost reduction. Pakistan is known for its cost-effective location, and most firms that are in need of outsourcing their IT-related work would want to spend much less. The most important advantage of IT outsourcing in Pakistan is that it allows you to do the work at a very low cost and much more efficiently. There is a huge difference in the wage structure of Western developed countries and developing firms. Work done in the West at a very high cost can be obtained at a much lower cost in developing countries such as India, the difference varies to up to 60%.


 Get your work done by Experts

Outsourcing can help you get your work done by the best in business instead of hiring new staff, training them, and then getting the work done. IT professionals in Pakistan has taken over freelancer and fiver because of the work quality. They will help you start your project early and you can get more work. Make your service offerings better with high-quality deliverables and decrease the lead time it takes for your product to reach the marketplace. Thus you would be faster in getting your ideas converted into products and better at delivering the value-added proposition.


Time Zone Advantage

Apart from the cost advantage, the other much-touted benefit has to do with the time zone differential between your country and Pakistan. Get your job done while you are closed for the day and wake up to your service being delivered the next morning. This unique advantage gives you the benefit of round-the-clock business operations


IT outsourcing has increased a lot during the pandemic and everyone is earning a lot. IT outsourcing is the future and if you’re not prepared for it then you wouldn’t survive long in the future. So what are you waiting for? No, you don’t have to google the companies that are providing IT outsourcing services you’re on the right page right now, contact Absoluit and get your work done today.  Absoluit, on one hand, is an IT company, on the other hand, Absoluit is an IT outsourcing services company who is providing different IT outsourcing services including Fixed-term outsourcing services and extended team outsourcing services.