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COVID-19 is said to be the most dangerous and outrageous virus to date. It has affected almost 50% of the world population because it spreads from a person to person. The healthcare professionals are working selflessly to make a vaccine for it but until then a complete social distancing and locking down of different sectors like educational institutes, the industrial sector is completely closed, malls, shopping centers, etc is the only way to slow down the speed of COVID-19. We can’t even assume how long it will take but the extent of damage is increasing rapidly but what we’re ignoring is how technology can help us in this situation just as it was helping us for the past many years. So let’s discuss why chatbots are important and why we need chatbot them.

Benefits of Chatbot in Health Care Sector

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is scared. It’s spreading rapidly. This situation there is creating chaos everywhere. Hospitals and doctors are struggling to provide enough space, time and resources to treat all the patients. But who knew that chatbots can help us ease out the burden on healthcare systems. With chatbot’s 24/7 interactive symptom checking feature everyone can know whether they’re likely to be infected with a virus or not.

If the bot finds out that the person is having the virus or could have the virus it will connect that person directly to the nearest available hospital or native clinics for further instructions and if a bot finds out that the person or user is not having any symptom of the virus or they don’t need any hospitalization then the user can continue self-isolation at home. The burden on hospitals’ call centers can be reduced by using chatbots for COVID-19 information. The chatbots’ interactive symptom checking feature will low down the number of cases in urgent and emergency care centers.

Use of ChatBot in Transportation Call Center Services

Taxi companies can save their passengers and customers by using 6 easy tips but to combat COVID-19 they can’t get their call centers open. This is costing the general public a lot of difficulties because they need transport for their basic needs including any medical emergency, the need for basic food supply, etc. What chatbot does in transportation is that the latest live chatbots can answer simple queries efficiently, far more quickly than a person ever could. During this pandemic, ride-hailing companies can use a Facebook chatbot for their customers. With a Facebook chatbot, a ride-booking process that can be done in a few minutes. The bot can also let the ride track their ride. Ride-hailing services can let the chatbot answer all the queries of customers and minimize the number of agents at call centers.

We as an IT company also had some difficulties initially. We have a call center in Pakistan which deals with all the queries of the taxi company ‘Christiania Taxi’. Due to COVID-19, we couldn’t risk our workers. We’ve sent a lot of our staff into self-isolation because of COVID-19 so our AI team built a Facebook messenger chatbot that manages all the queries of our customers through Facebook messenger and is now helping us to combat COVID-19 in managing our call center department.

How Chatbots can help businesses

Where COVID-19 has affected the many industries it has also affected the retail sector. People can’t go out daily to stores for necessities because of the COVID-19 pandemic and whenever people go out for groceries or other stuff the long queue outside the store results in the shortage of supplies. What chatbots can do in this situation is it takes to let people buy the grocery online. Whether it’s a chemist store or grocery story they all should use chatbots to help people in this situation. International famous brands like H&M, Ebbay, Sephora, all are using chatbots and they’re engaging their customers in a more conversational setting. Some brands have deployed the chatbots on their websites, some on their apps and others have deployed the chatbot on their Facebook shop. Customers are using it more as they’ve enough time to shop while being at home and chatbot does its job by listing the items according to customers’ preferences. Customers can also track orders, receive a reminder of their account number and track payments to their account. A chatbot can tell the buyer about the item’s price and any other detail about that thing. So chatbots have the potential to help businesses by carrying the load of human work and helping the community by staying at home.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an accelerator for chatbot technology as we discussed how it can help different sectors of our society. You don’t have to go anywhere we can help you in deploying a chatbot for you which will lift up your business during this pandemic.

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