Christiania Taxi BI - Absoluit

Christiania Taxi

Oslo, Norway

About the Company

Christiania Taxi is a ride-hailing service with HQ in Oslo Norway. They provide ride-hailing services across multiple cities in Norway either through Phone, App, and Website or you can just wave one on the street. They also deal with patient transport on the official ground with the government of Norway. They possess a firm and strong IT structure.


Their Challenges

  • Christiania Taxi wanted to know the key HotSpot location to send their fleet for street picks.
  • The management wanted to observe the performance of each individual driver.
  • They also wanted to know what mode of booking a ride is more used.

How we Helped

  • An interactive map  helped them in tracking their key locations, reducing the cost and time.
  • A set of separate reports on drivers to identify, track and prevent deceitful behavior.
  • An Executive dashboard for higher management to keep track of daily sales-related activities.