AI Face Recognition System

AI Face Recognition System

Meet Absoluit’s AI Face Recognition System! It allows you to identify individuals quickly and securely with a single glance. This cutting-edge system provides accurate facial recognition, even in challenging lighting or angles, by using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI). It also offers facial authentication and verification services. With such high levels of accuracy and security, this AI Face Recognition System is an incredibly reliable way to safeguard against unauthorized access in any setting!

AI Face Recognition System



The team was looking for making their sign-up solutions more authenticated. They needed the profile picture of their users to have a human face in it rather than an object. This solution needs to be a robust and reusable solution for facial detection and also the localization of a face in a given image.



Using a modular approach an API was developed which could be implemented out of the box. Powering the API was a machine learning model trained to detect the faces in an image and also localize it. AI Face Recognition System goes deeper and identifies a number of faces and also localizes each of the faces’ landmarks eyes nose ears and mouth separately.

Technologies Used

face recognition using python
face recognition using tensorflow
face recognition using keras
face recognition using flask

AI Face Recognition System Uses


Checking if the user has uploaded a face or an object..


Count the number of distinct faces in a given frame.


Automatic door switches when a human comes near.


Detecting the movement of the landmarks as they move


Detecting if a human has appeared in an under surveillance area


Any authentication process requiring a human face to be assured.